How Ancestors Affect US

Ancestors or departed souls subject is more extensively included in Hinduism. Hindu scriptures give authentic info on how ancestors affect us and rituals to get their blessings and become more fulfilled in life. The main ancestral rituals are tarpanam, shraddam and pinda pradanam. These rituals are described in Vedas and the benefits of performing these rituals are given in many scriptures like Garuda Purana, Markandeya Purana, and in Upanishads also.

♦ Pinda Pradanam is performed on or before the 13th day of death of the person by his elder son.

♦ Shraddam is performed every month on the thithi (date on lunar month) of the person died.

♦ Tarpanam can be performed daily or every fortnight according to their convenience. (procedure is simple and can be completed in few minutes)

Why we should perform ancestral rituals?

There are different kinds of runams which need to be addressed by every individual. One of them is Pitru Runam means indebted to ancestors. In hinduism every person born gathers physical, emotional and mental matter from their ancestors from maternal and paternal side though not present physically. So it is the duty of every person to perform the above mentioned rituals on the appropriate days and time. These rituals when performed with utmost faith and dedication will give enormous benefits to the person and his family.

Benefits of performing ancestral rituals:

♦Many unresolved and complicated issues in families will be resolved by the blessings of ancestors.

♦Any kind of obstacles and hurdles in the persons career and business can be cleared if ancestors are satisfied by these rituals. The ancestors provide a solution to the person in a divine manner because they have more knowledge of the present situation of their descendants.

♦Some sins committed by the ancestors of the family will be affecting some person in the present generation of the family. This we call as pitru dosham and people affected with pitru dosham will be facing lot of problems in their life for which they may not know the reason. By performin Tarpanam regularly this pitru dosham can be rectified and the person and his family can get the blessings of their ancestors because the souls of the ancestors get relieved of their sins and can ascend to the higher planes of existence.

♦Blessings and curses of pitrus are considered to be more powerful than the blessings of the devatas (gods whom we worship) and that is the reason the above rituals bring an enormous change in the person performing them.

♦ If for any reason you cannot follow the above rituals you can do these rituals on mahalaya amavasya or mahalaya paksham which is the 15 day period which comes in badrapada month krishna paksham. This is very auspicious period for ancestral rituals.

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