Q. What is meditation?

A. Meditation is a technique through which humans can transcend their mind and reach an state of being where they have full awareness of the self or ATMAN. There are many kinds of meditation techniques developed by many practitioners who became Gurus later on. Meditation which is also called as Dhyan or Dhyanam is originally generated in Bharat now called as India. Anapanasati is one such technique developed by Lord Buddha.

Q. How to do Anapanasati meditation?

A. Sit Comfortably. Keep your spine straight. Clasp your hands. Observe your natural incoming and outgoing breath. Let go of all thoughts and bring your attention to the breath. When your mind wanders bring your attention to the natural breath occurring inside you. Keep practicing it regularly until you master it. Strat with minimum duration of 30 minutes. Then you can increase the time according to your practice.

Q. What are the benefits of Anapanasati meditation?

Calms the mind and body.

Rejuvenates the whole body by absorbing more Prana or Cosmic energy from the universe.

Increases the focus, attention and awareness of the internal and external activities.

For more information on Anapanasati meditation download the following ebook: ANAPANASATI by Buddhadasa Bhikku

In todays world this technique is practicing and spreading by Pyramid Spiritual Socities Movement founded and headed by Brahmarshi Subash Patriji.