Light Souls is an organization run by an enthusiastic individual interested in the fields of spirituality, health, vegetarianism, environment, healing and overall well being of living beings and nature.

Light Souls aim is to impart spiritual knowledge to as many people as possible in the world and make them apply the laws of spirituality in their daily life. For example practicing AGNIHOTRA – a vedic ritual daily can bring a lot of changes in an individual and their surroundings in a positive and harmonious way. Applying spiritual laws in the daily life can bring a lot of divine changes in an individual. People can perform their regular daily duties with more efficiency and ease. People can be relieved from many health ailments like stress, fear, anxiety etc and live a more healthy and contented life.

Light Souls another aim is to promote vegetarianism in the world. There are lot of benefits of becoming a vegetarian. Vegetarian food is easily digestible and makes a person more peace oriented. vegetarianism reduces the carbon foot print in the nature and thereby helping the environment. By stopping the killing of animals for our taste buds we can enhance our spiritual quotient by many fold. More about vegetarianism is detailed in another dedicated page.

Light Souls another aim is to provide awareness about environment to the people. Humans has done an enormous amount of damage to the environment knowingly or unknowingly. Now time has come for humans to undo what they have done to the environment by intelligently using their resources for daily life and by planting more trees globally.

Light Souls another aim is to promote self healing for people’s own health and for environment by practicing regular meditation, yoga, mantras and fire rituals.

Light Souls also promote people to read good books which increases their knowledge and wisdom in all aspects like spirituality, health, environment, science and social welfare.