In this page we provide you some of the useful mantras.

Mantras to be recited daily during wakeup on bed, bathing, taking food and before sleep.

Mantras To Remove Black Magic, Evil Spells and Negative Energy

Blackmagic & Evil Spell Removal Mantra:

This is a very powerful mantra to remove any kind of blackmagic, evil spells and enemies. Chanting this mantra daily gives you protection and relief from all negative forces. There is no limit for chanting count. Daily chant it as much as possible to get more benefit out of it.

Deva Danava Siddha Poojitha Parameshwari

Puraana Roopa Parama Para Tantra Vinaashini Om.

The above mantra is provided by Dr. Nipun Aggarwal. Below is the link to listen to it in youtube.